Do you remember your childhood, when you spent a fun time in summer or sports camps? Most of us remember those days even when it was raining cats and dogs. The fun games and competitions, cool camp instructors and coaches, new friends, night alarms, playing practical jokes on each other and everything else that brings a smile on your face and warms the soul. There are, however, many families in Estonia, who are not able to give their children a summer camp experience. Never. Every child, curious and playful or perky and mischievous deserves the coolest experience of their childhood – the same as we remember from our childhood.

Tallinn Reval Rotary Club  has taken it upon themselves to provide children from underprivileged families with the opportunity to experience the thrilling life of sunmmer camp. Children reach our program in collaboration with the NPO Estonian Union for Child Welfare and with child protection and social workers of local governments.

Our  Sun Camp  takes place in the Remniku Training and Resort Centre  NPO Estonian Union for Child Welfare at the north shore of Lake Peipsi in summer 2017

The total cost of participation of a child in the camp for seven busy days is 120 euros. The amount also includes safe transportation of children to and from Remniku. The camp team is adept and has the experience required, in addition there are many bright-eyed volunteers.

From the funds raised from the activities carried out for bringing the project to life, today we have the camp money for 70 children, which is a good nest egg. The goal, however, is at least one entire camp shift - 180 children. So we are asking for your support to make even more children's dreams come true!

To support the Sun Camp you can donate the amount suitable for you as follows:
To Tallinn Reval Rotary Klubi MTÜ NPO's bank account EE811700017003987838 with the keyword "Sun Camp”

No donation is too small or too big!
Let us give together to the children from low-income families fun memories of summer camp!

All supporters will get mentioned on our website as the Sun Camp project supporters and an opportunity to submit their own logo for presentation. We will also note the supporters on our Facebook page. 

Good to know that the Sun Camp program is multicultural. Children learn to communicate in different language environments (Estonian-Russian-English), develop social and performance skills, learn to be busy alone and together with each other, that is, they learn everything that is expected from us as parents and good colleagues at work every day. At the camp, children can choose from a variety of activities according to their interests.

Päikeselaager 2014 I

Remniku 2014 II

Päikeselaager 2014 III